Duke of Cornwall Lodge

No. 1839

Hall Stone Lodge - Founded 30th August, 1879





Each year the Worshipful Master takes up a list of donations to his favoured charity / charities. This money is then distributed by the Charity Steward on behalf of the Worshipful Master and the Lodge.

On average 1,200 per annum is raised through the generous giving of Brothers at the festive board.  This is further supplemented by the Masters List, together with individual donations and fund raising by the Brethren.

The  2009 / 2010 Masters List will be in support of the following

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution






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"Faith...Hope...Charity ...these forces are within all men;
and an association of men, actuated by them, ought to exercise an immense power in the world.
If Masonry does not, it is because she has ceased
to possess them"
Albert Pike    

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