Duke of Cornwall Lodge

No. 1839

Hall Stone Lodge - Founded 30th August, 1879



A Message from the East

Salutations and welcome to the website of
the Duke of Cornwall Lodge No. 1839

Like any organisation the Duke of Cornwall Lodge No.1839 is constantly  evolving to reflect the changes in society.  We are a vibrant modern Metropolitan Lodge with a strong sense of tradition, founded upon 125 plus years of service to Masonry and to Country.

To truly understand the dynamic of a Masonic Lodge and all it stands for you must first understand the principle that every Brother is equal, best illustrated by Brother Rudyard Kipling's poem:

"The Mother Lodge"

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The Lodge continues to support & enable London Freemasonry.  We are proud to be a founding Lodge of The Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London, with many of the Duke of Cornwall No.1839 Brethren being Founder Members.

The Brethren support non-Masonic communities through charitable activities.  After the national lottery Freemasonry is the second largest charitable donor in the UK. The Brethren of the Duke of Cornwall Lodge actively continue the tradition of giving.

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A Message from the East
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