Duke of Cornwall Lodge

No. 1839

Hall Stone Lodge - Founded 30th August, 1879




The Foundation of

The Duke of Cornwall Lodge

No. 1839


In the year 1879, a group of ardent Freemasons
desiring to extend the wonderful teachings and
tenets of the Craft, took steps to form a new
Lodge from a few of the then existing Lodges.

On 16th July of that year a Warrant bearing the
signature of Albert Edward Grand Master
(later King Edward VII) was granted.

Permission to use the title and crest of the
Duke of Cornwall
was granted by The Prince
of Wales
(the same Albert Edward,
Grand Master
). The consecration took place
just over a month later at Freemasons' Hall,
London, on 30th August 1879.








Front Page

Foundation of the Lodge

A Hall Stone Lodge
A History of the Feathers






A Message from the East
Social Events
Lodge Diary

"Do not pray for easy lives; prey to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers; prey for power equal to your tasks"
Phillip Brooks

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