Duke of Cornwall Lodge

No. 1839

Hall Stone Lodge - Founded 30th August, 1879




A History of the Feathers











The emblem of the Duke of Cornwall's feathers and its accompanying motto, "Ich Dien" (German for "I serve") are said to have been inherited by Edward the Black Prince, the first Duke of Cornwall from King John of Bohemia, against whom he fought in The Battle of Crecy (1346).


The first Duke of Cornwall

The Black Prince


According to legend, after the battle the Prince walked over to the King of Bohemia's dead body (the Prince admired the dead Kings bravery as he had rode into battle blind), then picked up the dead king's helmet, lined with ostrich feathers, and took the king's motto, "Ich Dien".





Permission to use the title and crest of the the Duke of Cornwall was granted by The Prince of Wales (Grand Master), in 1879.



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