Duke of Cornwall Lodge

No. 1839

Hall Stone Lodge - Founded 30th August, 1879




A Founding Hall Stone Lodge

In 1919 Grand Lodge decided to build a

new headquarters for the English Craft as

a memorial to the many brethren who had

given their lives during the First World War.

An appeal was made to every member of

the constitution for contributions to the
fund, these were entirely voluntary. 

The Hall Stone Jewell

Contributions were recognised by special
commemorative jewels.  A Lodge Hall Stone
Jewel is worn by successive Masters of Lodges

contributing on average ten guineas (ten guineas at present day value is approximately 380) per member.  Such Lodges are known as Hall Stone Lodges.

The Duke of Cornwall Lodge No. 1839 is one such Lodge. In 1922 it was resolved to become a 
Hall Stone Lodge, in remembrance of
fallen Brethren including:

Brother F H Langston - a Lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps, Killed in Action.  A member of the Duke of Cornwall Lodge No.1839.

The lodge received the the collaret in 1927.  The Hall Stone Jewel was presented to the Lodge by the Duke of Connaught, the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge at the time.

As well as remembering those Brothers that fell in the World Wars the Lodge continues to support brethren in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.

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